FDA Aerospace Solutions offers Airlines, Manufacturers and MRO’s a variety of options for addressing the FDA Certification and Delivery process. We provide a range of services from Sealing, Inspection and Certification to Program Management, Self-Certification plans for advanced programs as well as in-service aircraft Galley and Lavatory Refurbishment, all designed to streamline regulatory requirements and keep your food service areas sanitary.

Through years of development, we have built a comprehensive and detailed framework of training, documentation, and coursework that provides each of our Technicians with a mastery of “First-Pass Quality” and our Project Managers with the expertise to promote the important relationships needed between your site and your local FDA District Office.


FDA Aerospace Solutions handles everything your site needs from the initial sealing and inspection to the FDA Certification Walk and the issuance of the FDA Form 2371a “Certificate of Sanitary Construction” ensuring your next delivery or entry-to-service aircraft is ready for flights into and throughout the United States.


Our Deep-Cleaning and Sanitizing Process combined with a complete FDA Sealant Refurbishment and or Replacement where needed will have your current fleet’s food service areas, lavatories, galley and entry mats shining like new again and more importantly FDA sealed to the highest possible level designed for extreme durability, a long lifespan easy cleaning for your gate turnaround teams.


Never do more than is required by the Food and Drug Administration again. Our Inspection Team will perform a full “Pre-Certification Walk” of your next aircraft prior to calling out the FDA, providing technicians with a detailed report of all the critical fixes needed to pass the next certification milestone quickly and cost effectively.


We work with your management team and technicians to develop an internal program with the advanced training and administrative framework necessary for gaining the authority to issue FDA Certificates in-house, quickly and cost effectively. This comprehensive and proprietary program leverages industry proven methods and expert working relationships with FDA District Offices throughout the country to streamline your path towards delegation resulting in a signed Partnership Agreement between you and the FDA and allowing you the ability to certify aircraft on your schedule.

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