• Deep Cleaning, Decorative Repair and FDA Sealant Refurbishment

    FDA Aerospace Solutions

    In these Difficult Times, Clean and Sanitary Aircraft are Becoming More
    Important to the Customer than Ever Before. FDA Aerospace Solutions is Committed
    to Bringing Your Entire Fleet’s Galleys, Lavs and Customer Critical Areas into this New Age of
    Heightened Sanitary Awareness Quickly and Affordably

  • Food and Drug Administration Initial Certification

    FDA Aerospace Solutions

    We are a highly specialized group of aerospace industry professionals
    focused on Food and Drug Administration regulatory compliance
    and Aircraft Certification within both the Commercial and Business Aviation sectors

  • Project Management, Sealing and Inspection Services

    FDA Aerospace Solutions

    Our experts are equipped to handle every aspect of the FDA Certification Process
    from the initial inspection, sealing and rework to high-level Project Management
    and “Self-Certification” Program design for higher volume operations


FDA Aerospace Solutions is committed to handling any need your Airline, MRO, or Manufacturing Facility could ever have regarding the FDA Certification process.  From the initial sealing, and inspection to the implementation of our comprehensive and proprietary Self-Certification Program, FDA Aerospace Solutions has you covered every step of the way.

Our Deep Cleaning, Decorative Repair and FDA Sealant Refurbishment services will leave any of your older aircraft’s galleys, lavatories, passenger entry mats and door surrounds shining like new again and free of any of the cleanability issues that come from poorly applied sealant and damaged or heavily stained surfaces.


We are a highly specialized group of Aerospace Engineers, A&P Licensed Technicians, Inspectors and Delegated FDA Program Administrators focused solely on Food and Drug Administration Regulatory Compliance, Aircraft Certification and Aging Aircraft Galley and Lavatory Refurbishment under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Part 1250.

With more than a decade’s worth of experience in designing, planning and executing a range of successful projects from the smallest of regional jets to the largest of wide-bodies flying today, we consistently deliver extreme levels of quality at surprisingly affordable rates.  Whatever the aircraft size, age or condition, our team has a solution for you.

Food and Drug Administration
Initial Certification

Deep Cleaning, Decorative Repair
and FDA Sealant Refurbishment

Project Management, Sealing and
Inspection Services

Airlines, MRO’s
and Manufacturers


FDA Aerospace Solutions offers Airlines, Manufacturers and MRO’s a variety of options related to both the initial Food and Drug Administration Certification and the Aging Aircraft renewal process.  We provide a range of services from Sealing, Inspection and Certification to Project Management, Self-Certification planning for more advanced and established programs as well as in-service Galley, Lavatory and Customer Critical Area Decorative Repair and FDA Sealant Refurbishment.  Everything we do is designed to streamline regulatory requirements and keep your food service, lavatory and passenger entry areas looking clean and sanitary for years to come.

We have built a comprehensive and proprietary framework of training, documentation, and coursework that provides each of our Technicians and Inspectors with a mastery of “First-Pass Quality” and our Program Administrators with the knowledge, connections and expertise required to inspire confidence and promote the important relationships needed between you and your FDA District Office.


FDA Aerospace Solutions specializes in breathing new life into any aging aircraft’s FDA regulated and Customer forward areas quickly and affordably.  Our Deep Cleaning and Decorative Repair process combined with a complete FDA Seal Refurbishment by the absolute best in the business, our experts will have your fleet’s Galleys, Lavs, Entry Mats and Door Surrounds shining like new again.  Years of stains and cosmetic damage will be removed and repaired providing the appearance of cleanliness for your customers and vastly increasing the ease of cleaning for your gate turnaround teams.


The FDA Aerospace Solutions crew handles everything from the initial Inspection, Sealing and Rework to the FDA Certification Walk and issuance of the Form 2371a “Certificate of Sanitary Construction”.  This program is designed for new-entry, non-Boeing aircraft coming into your fleet without the benefit of an FDA Certificate or the re-Certification of an overhauled interior or new lease or purchase from a foreign carrier.  With years of successful projects delivered on time to some of the biggest players in the industry, your next new delivery or re-Certification will be ready for service quickly and efficiently, guaranteed.


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