• FDA Aerospace Solutions

    We are a highly specialized group of aerospace industry professionals
    focused on Food and Drug Administration regulatory compliance
    within the commercial aviation sector

  • FDA Aerospace Solutions

    Our experts are equipped to handle every aspect of the FDA Certification Process
    from initial sealing and inspection to highly technical rework,
    Project Management and “Self-Certification” Programs

  • FDA Aerospace Solutions

    Committed to getting your next Aircraft Delivery, Entry-to-Service or
    Return-to-Service project FDA Certificated quickly and cost effectively


FDA Aerospace Solutions is committed to handling any need your Airline, MRO, or Manufacturing Facility could ever have regarding the FDA Certification process. From training, sealing, and inspection to the implementation of our comprehensive Self-Certification Program designed to have your site issuing certificates independently, FDA Aerospace Solutions has you covered every step of the way.


We are a highly specialized group of Aerospace Engineers, MBA’s and A&P Licensed Technicians focused solely on Food and Drug Administration regulatory compliance and aircraft certification under the Code of Federal Regulations Title 21, Part 1250. We bring more than a decade’s worth of experience in designing, planning and executing successful FDA programs and delivery milestones throughout the commercial aviation industry.

Food and Drug Administration

Airlines, MRO’s
and Manufacturers

Administrative and
Technical Training

Inspection and
Sealing Services


FDA Aerospace Solutions offers Airlines, MRO’s, and Manufacturers a variety of options addressing FDA Certification and Delivery. We provide a range of services from sealing and inspection to program consulting designed to streamline the launch of your own internal self-certification program.

Through years of development, we have built a comprehensive and detailed framework of training, documentation, and coursework that provides technicians with a mastery of first-pass quality and managers with the expertise to promote successful relationships between your site and the local FDA District Offices.


FDA Aerospace Solutions handles everything your site needs from initial sealing and inspection to the FDA-ITP Certification Walk and the issuance of the FDA Form 2371a “Certificate of Sanitary Construction” ensuring your next delivery or entry-to-service aircraft is ready for flights into and throughout the United States.


Never do more than is required by the FDA again. Our Inspection Team will perform a full “Pre-Certification Walk” of your next aircraft prior to calling out the FDA, providing technicians with a detailed report of all the critical fixes needed to pass the next certification milestone quickly and cost effectively.


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